“The Steve McKenna Band communicates its energy and brilliance well beyond the small coterie of guitar freaks…his facility and flow of ideas are outstanding, his energy formidable.”
Gail Brennan, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

“McKenna is not one of the new boys, but he’s certainly one of the best.”
Cleo Magazine, Sydney, Australia

“…guitar ace…a very hot trio indeed…his playing is full of colour and subtlety, deft phrasing as well as an energy that’s as palpable at low volume as when the heat is on.”
Alan Brooking, On the Street, Sydney, Australia

“…creative fireworks on the guitar and superb interplay.”
Manly Jazz Festival, Sydney, Australia

“Sydney axeman Steve McKenna shows abundant energy and technicque, married to a disciplined and mature approach…”
Adrian Jackson, The Age, Melbourne, Australia

“…hard driving electric and acoustic jazz from Australia’s best.”
Warren Fahey, Larrikin Records

“His virtuoso technicque gives him a freedom to express freely his wonderful musicianship and extraordinary flow of ideas.”
Jim McCleod, ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia


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