New Times

with Bernie McGann, Sean Wayland, Andrew Gander

Sea View

lrj284-sm-100featuring Andrew Gander and Adam Armstrong

1. Mike’s Nocturne (McKenna)  (605 kb, MP3 format)
2. Sea View (McKenna)
3. I Remember April (Johnston)
4. Blues for Johns (McKenna)
5. My One and Only Love (Wood)
6. Bright Red (McKenna)  (465 kb, MP3 format)
7. Reign (McKenna)
8. Nardis (Davis)
9. Country Ride (McKenna)
10. It Could Happen to You (Van Heusen)

Wall to Wall Cement

CDLRF252-100with Michael Bartolomei, Alex Hewitson, Gordon Rytmeister

1. Fried Rice (McKenna)
2. What’s Next (McKenna)
3. Future Home (Bartolomei)
4. Spring (McKenna)  (521 kb, MP3 format)
5. Quiet Spirits (Bartolomei)
6. Wall to Wall Cement (McKenna)  (495 kb, MP3 format)
7. Seaview (McKenna)
8. Holiday’s Over (McKenna)
9. Rock-et (McKenna)

Please feel free to contact me in regard to buying my CDs directly from me. For details, see the Contact page



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